Searching for a Hotel on Classic Deem

The Travel page should already be open, scroll down to the Hotel section for the trip, or for a trip segment in a multi-destination trip. If not, see Starting Your Travel Search on Classic Deem.


Follow these steps to search for a hotel:

  1. The Location field auto populates based on your flight destination. 

  2. (Optional) If you don't want to match your hotel search with your flight dates, click to uncheck the "Match my Hotel search with my flight dates" option (the default is checked). 
    • After unchecking this option, the Check-in and Check-out fields appear. 
    • Click in the date fields to change dates if needed.  

  3. Click the More Search Options link to increase the search radius for the hotel search.  

  4. Choose the number of miles to search within using the Search Within drop-down menu.
  5. (Optional) For a multi-destination trip, start searching for a hotel in the next trip segment below the current one. 
  6. Click the Search button at the right hand side of the page if all you need is a hotel for a one way or round trip; otherwise, proceed with Searching for a Car Rental on Classic Deem