Book Again feature as a Traveler

  1. Click on trip listed under upcoming trips or archived trips to expand.

  2. Click Book Again (Note Also available under View Details.

  1. Select date(s) of trave.

    1. Note: If car only booking you will have the option to also select pick-up and drop-off times. If trip contains both air and car, the car will automatically match time of the flight booked.

  2. Click on Book Again.

  1. Deem will check to see if the same flight is available for the requested dates if flights are not available Deem will present you with the closest flight(s).

  2. Click on Continue if flight(s) are acceptable and complete the booking process.

  3. Click on Change trip if you prefer to look for other flight options.



Trip Status Book again will be an option:

  • Upcoming (Processed bookings)

  • Past

  • Cancelled

  • Held


Trips Book again will not be an option:

  • Multi-city trips

  • Multiple Passenger (Will only duplicate a single passenger)

  • Offline bookings with a passive segment (Air, Car, or Hotel)

  • Offline or Online bookings containing rail

  • Travelfusion or Web fare carriers

  • Reservations with duplicate segments

  • In-process trips and action required trip status