Managing Unused Tickets on Classic Deem

You can find unused tickets by clicking the Unused Tickets tab at the top of the home page. 

Unused tickets are listed with columns for the vendor (such as Airline), ticket number, record locator, expiration date, original cost, change fee, and status. Click any of these column headings to sort the unused ticket list. After using an unused ticket, the status changes to "Pending Exchange". 

To book a flight with an unused ticket, follow the steps for searching for a flight (see Searching for a Flight on Classic Deem) and selecting a flight (see Selecting a Flight on Classic Deem). You can select a flight that has an unused ticket icon in its heading to use the ticket.

The value of the unused ticket will be applied towards purchase at the time of ticketing. Tickets show their estimated value during the booking process, and the value is subtracted on the Purchase page. The final validation is done at ticketing, and will be reflected on the agency’s invoice.

Note: Only tickets with a lesser remaining value than the planned trip are available.

To learn how to apply Unused Ticket, go to Applying Unused Tickets.