Changing a Booked Trip on Classic Deem

Changing a Specific Service of a Booked Trip 

  • Click the Reservation tab at the top of the page.

  • Click the reservation you want to change and click the View Details link:

  • Once the full itinerary is in view, the option to change individual services will display, click the Change Flight, Change Hotel or Change Car Rental button:

  • Example:  To change the hotel portion of this booked trip,  click the Change Hotel link, a pop-up will appear.  Review the information and click the Continue button:

  • This will then take you through the change flow:
    • Edit any information if needed, and click the Search button:

    • Pick your hotel by clicking Select next to your room choice. 
    • You will then be taken to the Trip Review page where you will then be able to proceed to the checkout page.  

Note: If you used a single-use card for a purchase, the card information will be used for any changes. There is no need to reenter this information. If you add new services, you can select a card from your profile or the single-use card.

Warning:  Some trip elements may not be able to be changed after purchase:

  • Multi-destination itinerary
  • International itineraries (Non-US)
  • Multi-city itinerary
  • Trips originally booked offline
  • Any passive segment
  • Paper ticket booking
  • Trips with more than one ticket (e.g. split ticketed)
  • Itineraries with more than one passenger
  • Any portion of a trip that has already commenced
  • PNR locator if changing destination
  • Carriers for the same destination of original carrier if available
  • Number of travelers in a booking