Purchasing the Trip on the New Platform

After clicking the Continue or Hold this trip button after reviewing the trip (see Reviewing the Trip Elements), the Purchase page appears.

Start by entering the required traveler information. Much of this information is already filled in for you from your profile (see Personal and Business Information for details on adding this information to your profile). Follow these steps:

  1. Name your trip by entering a name in the "Name your trip" field at the top of the page. If you book the same or similar trips regularly, it's a good idea to name each trip with a unique name. That way it will be easier to locate it in the Upcoming section of the Home page.
  2. Fill out the required information in the Traveler Information section at the top of the Purchase page. 
    • Your name is provided from your profile, and it must be the same as the name that appears on a government-issued ID. To change your profile, see Your Profile.
    • If your site is configured to allow changing the passenger name, you can click the Edit link next to your name to change it. You can also click the checkbox for the Change traveler option. Fields appear for entering the traveler name: you can enter the first, middle, and last name, and choose a prefix and suffix from dropdown menus if needed.
  3. Specify optional preferences for your flights, hotels, and rental cars in the Optional preferences column on the right side of the page. Click the Edit links to change your preferences.
  4. Be sure to include your frequent flyer, hotel rewards, and rental car rewards program numbers. These numbers are pre-populated with your program numbers if you entered them into your profile (see Service Preferences).
  5. Review your notifications in the Notifications section, and change them if necessary by clicking the Edit or Delete links. For more information about setting notifications, see Notifications.
  6. You can also enter an emergency contact in the Emergency Contact section.

Billing Information

You can select the payment cards stored in your profile – they appear as choices in the payment card drop-down menus for flight, hotel, and rental car in the Billing section.

You can also add a card by clicking Add Payment Card, which adds the card to your profile (see Personal and Business Information for details on payment cards in your profile).

Note: If your site administrator enabled the "single use payment card" feature, you can choose Enter card for this trip only in the payment card drop-down menus. You can then enter the card information to use for that service. The card information is not saved to your profile. If you book multiple services (such as air and hotel) and you enter a single-use card for the first service, you can choose the same card for other services in the same itinerary, or choose your default card or other cards in your profile.

Tip: To assign default cards to flight, hotel, rental car, and other travel services, click the View / Edit link next to the payment card drop-down menu. The Payment Cards page appears, and you can select a different card for each service's drop-down menu: Airline, Hotel, Rental Car, Shipping, and Car Service. Click Save to save your changes.

Before purchasing, you must click the checkbox for the "I agree to the rules and restrictions" statement above the Purchase button. (You can click the rules and restrictions link in the statement to see what they are.)

Click the Purchase button if you are ready to complete the purchase and reservation booking, or click Start Over to start over (canceling the purchases and reservations), or Hold This Trip to put the trip on hold (see Putting a Trip on Hold for details).

Note:  After pressing the Purchase button, the Trip confirmation Page displays where you can print your itinerary by clicking the print () icon.