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A Delegate is someone who can book travel for someone else. For example, an administrative assistant might be delegate for a manager, or a travel manager might be a delegate for a number of employees.

To add yourself as a delegate for someone else, or to add someone else as a delegate for yourself, edit your profile by going to your Account page.

Step #1- Hover over the Gear icon on the top left hand side of the page, and select Account from the dropdown list.

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Step #2- Click on the blue Edit button next to Delegates. You can also click the Delegates tab on the blue menu bar.

Step #3- Click the Become a delegate or Add a delegate link, if available. 

Step #4- Start typing in the name or email address of the person you want to book for. 

Step #5- Once you see their name, click the radio button next to the name, and then click Select. You will now see the person has been added as someone you can book for. That individual will receive an email notification, once you add them as a delegate. If they see the notification and don't want you to be a delegate for them, they can go into their account, and remove you as a delegate.

Step #6- Click the people icon, and you will now see the name of the person you just added. Click the name of the person.

Step #7- You are now in assisting mode and able to book a ride for the traveler, OR you can also update the traveler's account info including updating payment info, adding new addresses, etc.

Once you are done assisting, simply click the Stop Assisting button on the top right corner of the screen.

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The trip will appear in the Upcoming section of the Home page for both the user and the delegate who booked the trip. The traveler’s name is stored on the record for future reference.

To stop assisting others, click the Now Assisting tab and select Myself, to return to your own Home page. All of the reservations are listed – both your own and those of the people for whom you booked services.